Discover Where to Properly Recycle Electronics: Say No To Electronic Waste

Almost everywhere around us, we are surrounded by electronics. Electronic items of all kinds: computers, game players, music players, monitors, keyboards, cell phones, you name it, have become increasingly popular and common. Thanks to the rapidly advancing technology. However, it’s the same pace that has seen more of them become obsolete or outdated within a short period of time. And other than keeping or strong them, or simply getting rid of them, many people have indeed been left unaware on where to recycle electronics.

In many places, this has created been a huge disposal problem which begs the question: Where exactly should someone dispose of the older versions or unused electronic items? Well, here’s a great chance for you to find out where to recycle electronics.

Special recycling centers

Almost every country has plenty of local companies whose main role is to take your old/broken/unwanted electronics for free. Best of all, some will even offer you money for your electronics if they are newer models.

Upon receiving your electronic items, they’ll take them to a recycling plant which breaks them down into reusable components. Only a small portion will not be fit for reusing. And when the process is done, you’ll be notified.

You can find such companies by looking them up in your yellow pages. Ensure they are certified with the highest environmental and social standard.

Government programs

Nowadays, many states have government programs that provide these services. Nearly every community has one such program. There are specific drop off locations, with the majority located at council centers.

Once collected, your electronic items will be taken to a plant where recycling will take place. It’s up to you to find out the information on opening hours, what kind of items are accepted, and how you should safely dispose them.

Local electronics retailer

This is also another great option for disposing your electronic items. Most of the older electronics have parts that can be salvaged. So a retailer will in most cases take your older electronic items free of charge for the benefit of salvaging any usable spare parts.

Some popular chains such as Best Buy normally accept items for recycling if you purchase a new product from them. Many of the computer sellers also do the same thing as well.

On the whole, it’s really important for you to note that electronic items should not be disposed with the rest of the household cabbage. Many of them contain toxic chemicals that can leach into the groundwater or soil resulting into significant pollution or in worst cases, a landfill. It’s for this reason that all electronic items must go to a recycling center specially equipped to handle such types of items. This makes it vital for every person to know where to recycle electronics.

Alternatively, you can also donate the items to a charity that will put them to good use, or gift a friend or family member.


Nearly all electronic items contain toxic items and so knowing where to recycle electronics is really essential. Recycling electronics has indeed gained much popularity with the green movement and so instead of you just letting it all go to waste, it makes much more environmental sense to reuse such items. And this you can achieve by simply contacting a local company, or embracing the other two ways we’ve looked at.

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